Mark your calendars for November 25th as Future Face Global gears up for its highly anticipated 2023 Grand Finale in Lagos, Nigeria. This spectacular event will showcase the talents of 20 finalists carefully selected from a pool of 36,000 applicants worldwide.

The impressive lineup includes Charles Adulai Embalo, Elizabeth Cande Costa, Michelle Manser, Victor Anunwa, Ayodeji Olaide, Nanacro Dieye, Astou Bandar Ndiaye, Sifen Tesfaye, Helen Emmanuel, Emmanuel Ezieke, Helina Muktar, Helen Afolabi, Favour Onvemaechi, Prudence Adhieu Dut, Rachidatou Koumeyi, Jeff Ugiomoh, Fatou Kebbeh, Jasinta Makwabe, Ashinekwu Eke, and Saraphina Ndubuisi.

The Grand Finale promises an immersive experience, blending fashion, artistry, music, and entertainment. Distinguished judges will have the honour of awarding a coveted 2-year modelling contract to the standout talent. The event is meticulously organized by @bethmodelafrica, Beth Model Management, and is proudly sponsored by Aquafina, Mikano Motors, Cube 65, Saris Signature, Whispering Angel, and Ecobank.

Prepare to witness the rise of the next global supermodel at the 2023 Future Face Global Grand Finale in Lagos.

Here are the 20 finalists competing at the grand finale:

Astou Bandar Ndiaye
Ayodeji Olaide
Charles Adulai Embalo
Eke Ashinekwu
Elizabeth Cande Costa
Emmanuel Ezieke
Fatou Kebbeh
Favour Onyemachi
Helen Afolabi
Helen Emmanuel
Hilina Muktar
Jacinta Makwabe
Jeff Ugiomoh
Michelle Manser
Nanacro Dieye
Prudence Adhieu Dut
Rachida Koumeyi
Saraphina Ndubuisi
Sifen Tesfaye
Victor Anunwa