VICNATE, known for its timeless designs, proudly presents the captivating campaign shoot for its SISI GIRL Collection N°6. Initially introduced with 15 Demi-couture pieces and refined evening garments, this collection pays tribute to the spirit of Southern Nigerian women who courageously challenge traditional expectations.

The N°6 collection captures the refinement and confidence that come with age, celebrating women who have embraced their flaws and idiosyncrasies, thus no longer seeking external validation. This pivotal moment marks a shift where women cease living for others, centring their desires and aspirations foremost. This transformative change is most evident in how these women dress and present themselves to the world.

The fascination with this metamorphosis has intrigued artists for centuries, and today, especially in Nigeria, the elegance of older women commands attention and respect.

These women, often stratified by age and class, are rarely seen or heard. Their legendary presence is glimpsed at events and functions, marvelling at their carriage and aura. However, interacting with them is rare, as documenting oneself in such a manner is considered blase.

For the past few years, Nigerian fashion has attempted to replicate the understated refinement of these women through the ‘quiet luxury’ trend. As a designer, VICNATE draws inspiration from the refinement and surefootedness of these women. Beyond dressing them, the brand aspires to document their stories and celebrate their refinement through portraiture.

In a remarkable collaboration, the campaign shoot features Funmi Iyanda, a distinguished style icon and one of Nigeria’s most charismatic media entrepreneurs. It initiates a profound conversation about age, refinement, beauty, and documentation.

As a homage to the event portrait, a former staple of Nigerian social spaces slowly getting usurped by technology, this collaboration is a celebration of the lost art of portraiture and the intentionality of self-documentation, particularly for women at a phase in their lives where societal expectations often place them in supporting roles.

About Victor Anate

Founder, VICNATE LAGOS – Considered one of the most prominent designers on the continent, Victor Anate founded Vicnate in 2019 and has since become a beacon of contemporary fashion unlike any other. Notably, Victor Anate was recently handpicked by supermodel Naomi Campbell to co-create her Pretty Little Thing collection for NYFW in September 2023 to much positive acclaim worldwide from publications such as VOGUE, LA TIMES, PAGE SIX, and many more further affirming Anate’s influence within the fashion industry and beyond.

About Funmi Iyanda

Founder, OYA Media – Funmi Iyanda is a Nigerian media personality, broadcaster, journalist and philanthropist. She is well-known for her work as the host of the popular talk show “New Dawn with Funmi“, which aired on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). The show gained widespread acclaim for addressing various social issues and featuring insightful interviews with notable personalities.

Funmi Iyanda is recognized for her contributions to journalism and her involvement in social and humanitarian causes. She has been an advocate for gender equality and has used her platform to discuss and promote women’s rights. Her multifaceted career has made her a prominent figure and a beacon of inspiration in Nigerian society.


Photos: Morgan Otagburuagu

For: @vicnateng