Every Friday, the BNS social media and editorial team comes together to share all our favorite things from the past week. From the fashion brand we are obsessed with to the BellaStylista whose style is just goals, here are this week’s fab finds.


Our fashion pick of the week was quite a unanimous choice because all it takes is one glance to realize that pieces from Rabesque’s campaign was the most fashionable thing of the past week. The collection’s campaign features Ozinna Anumudu who is the ideal Rabesque woman. With clean lines, beautiful fabrics and gorgeous palettes, it is hard to not fall in love with this collection.



If your skincare routine still lack a sunscreen in 2019 then we really do not know what to say. The key to both protecting your skin as well as getting the glow that you want and deserve lies in getting a great sunscreen and one that comes highly recommended this Neutrogena High Boost. With an SPF of 30, it gives you the coverage you need from the sun’s rays while providing your skin the moisture it should get. A win-win!



The BNS team do not plan stopping our regular visits to all the eating spots in Lagos and reporting back to you the best places to eat at. After all, we do it for the BellaStylistas. And one spot which caught our attention recently is Cactus Lagos. This gem ticks all the boxes and is worth every penny. We especially love their breakfast menu!



The pop princess Taylor Swift is back and this time with a new album, an album that has all the maturity that comes from all the years Taylor Swift has spent in the fast-paced music industry and with the goodness that is just inherent in this pop princess’ music. Lover is in many ways a classic Taylor Swift album – this is not to say it is boring but to say that is perfect and what many fans have wanted for a while.



Fashion and beauty influencer and entrepreneur Kehinde Smith has an amazing sense pf style and am enviable wardrobe as well as a glowing skin. This Melanin Godmother has our heart and is without a doubt a BellaStylista we stan hard!