While we are still recuperating from a whirlwind fashion week and the on-the-minute coverage, we are still very excited that this is the last weekend in April. To celebrate the end of another wonderful Fashion SZN, the BN Style editorial and social media team got together one more time to talk about all the things we are loving this weekend. From the beauty item to stock up to the runway collection we are coveting, here are this week’s fab finds.


Kenneth Ize | @rezebonna


We still can’t find it in us to get over Kenneth Ize’s collection which he showcased at the just concluded Arise Fashion Week. The impeccable use of aso-oke, the resulting silhouette and ethereal presentation left us and everyone else speechless especially as it was so very Kenneth Ize-esque and yet still very refreshing to see and experience.



One of the worst effects of this heat wave and scorching sun we are currently experiencing in Nigeria (right after the heat itself)  has to be the potential skin damage and how it leaves your skin looking horrible and dull. Which is why we encourage you to stock up on sunscreen and brightening face scrub like this one from L’Avyanna to help get rid of the dead skin cells and residual dirt and leave your skin positively glowing.



If you are looking for new music to indulge in this weekend then look no further and indulge in WurID’s new EP Love Is Contagious. The melodies come together in a holy symphony that just transports you to a different world. Not only is the whole EP a beautiful work of art but it reminds you of all the new talent coming from and within Nigeria.



This week, Abuja restaurant The Rue caught our eye with their aesthetically pleasing space and most importantly, their beautiful fruit filled salad which honestly changes the game and almost makes us want to ditch meat and stick to salads. Almost. If you are in Abuja, this restaurant should definitely be on the top of your list of places to visit.



Fashion blogger Sarah Audu has been in the fashion blogging and content creation for quite some time and she still stands as a major source of life and style inspiration for many bloggers and fashion enthusiast. Her major style strength – and the reason why she’s our BellaStylista of The Week – has to be how she manages to make modest fashion look so cool, a not so easy feat to pull but Sarah does it effortlessly all day and everyday on her blog and on the gram.