At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we can’t get over how fast this year and this month in particular is going. With so much happenings and so many looks being served, we over at BN Style are constantly on our feed bringing you the on-minute fashion coverage you deserve. As is now our custom, the BN Style team sat back this weekend to talk about all our favorite things from this past week. From the piece we can’t wait to get in our wardrobe to the beauty product currently at the top of our wishlist, here are this week’s fab finds.



Every true fashion person knows it is never to early to start shopping for the next fashion season. and we have found the perfect piece to add to your fashion week arsenal. This piece from Tokyo James which was showcased at the recently concluded Arise Fashion Week 2019 is one that we can not wait to get our hands on – it has the perfect amount of futuristic fashion and the right dash of versatility and we can bet that strutting into the streetstyle of any fashion week with it will have everyone staring at you.



If there is one thing that your skin constantly needs it is Vitamin C and we have found the perfect product to introduce the perfect amount to your skin in just the perfect way and that is the  Pixi Skin Vitamin C Tonic. Want glowy healthy skin then get this and thank us later? It is especially great for the Nigerian climate which tends to dull our skin’s glow.



One of the kings of the Lagos alte scenes Santi just released his anticipated album – Mandy and The Jungle – a beautiful, well thought and beautifully crafted body of art which already has fans going wild. The sixteen-track album is one that transports you and gives you a glimpse of the creative mind of Santi as well as the new sound making waves among young Nigerians.



We just may have found the ultimate spot to spend money at relax at. Blessed with an ambience that could leave your jaw on the floor, tasty and aesthetic meals that would leave you wondering if you should take a picture first or just eat it all in one fell swoop and a customer base that will leave you gagging, Cactus Lagos is just about as amazing as it can get.



Our BellaStylista of the week is fashion blogger and content creator Olivia Arukwe whose very modern and relatable takes on fashion trends has caught our eyes and the eyes of her fast-growing audience. Her insta-feed is pretty much the picture of the perfect modern fashion girl filled with style inspo and OOTDs to recreate.