The fridge is part of our everyday life in an inexplicable way. A trip to the fridge will make you happy when it’s full and disgruntled when it’s empty. It’s fair to say, some people are in a relationship with their fridge. 

Photo by Latrach Med Jamil on Unsplash

Whether it’s stocked with all kinds of treats or has a balance of healthy, junk and fresh food, a fridge is necessary. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from the everyday household styles to the industrial giant-sized fridge. 

But did you know that a fridge was invented by a woman? 

In 1914, Florence Parpart invented the modern-day electric fridge. This invention solved the age-old problem of how to preserve food. The original design looked like a small cupboard, and thankfully it has evolved to what it is today. 

The next time you open your fridge, remember her name, Florence Parpart. 

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