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On the streets of Lagos, you’ll find that there is so much to eat. The options are unlimited when comes to street food. It caters to everyone, every taste, and every budget. Whilst some are over the top and just okay, others are award-winning. We have put together a list of the best of them all. If there ever where to be an awards ceremony for street food, the nominees would be…

1. Roasted Yam and Plantain

Roasted yam and plantain are a match made in heaven. Topped with pepper sauce, utazi leaves, pomo or smoked fish, you’ll be left licking your fingers. Filling and deeply satisfying, you can never go wrong with this. A plate of roasted yam and plantain depending on the quantity can go for as low as N200. A bargain and a winner.

2. Ewa Agoyin and Agege bread

A smooth blend of mushy beans, crayfish, onions and a palm oil-based pepper sauce served with super soft bread. You’ll never find the shop or seller without a crowd eager to empty out the pot. Topped with smoked fish or boiled egg, the bread dips into the beans like guacamole and chips. Watch out though, it can be a little spicy. This is also another bargain for N200.

3. Akara, Fried yam, and Fried potato

This can officially be referred to as the Nigerian fry up. It tastes different from the one you make at home because it’s usually deep-fried over firewood. The smokey flavour gives it a different taste. It’s served with pepper sauce, topped with pomo, fried gizzard or meat. Going for as little as N10 a piece, a plate of N200 is filling. Have you tried yam and Akara sandwich? Place the Akara between two pieces of yam. We recommend you try it, it’s so good.

4. Suya

The smell of spicy beef or chicken over a hot grill awakens your taste buds. Typically only available at night, Suya is one of the best in our books. Nothing comes close to suya whether it’s beef, chicken or ram. The meat being marinated in Suya spice gives it the irresistible flavour that almost makes it addictive. Served with fresh tomatoes, onions and cabbage, this is something we could eat every day. Depending on where you buy, it goes for N100-N200 per stick for beef, N500 per stick for ram and N1000 for chicken suya.

5. Roasted/Boiled Corn

Corn season is something to always look forward to. There’s something deeply satisfying about getting your hands on some fresh corn. Whether roasted or boiled, it’s such a delight to eat. It’s typically paired with roasted or boiled African pear or coconut. Nutritious and delicious. You can do justice with N200.

6. Abacha

Popularly known as African salad, Abacha is a very tasty and nutritious meal. The cassava-based dish is served in a spicy based palm oil sauce with stockfish, smoked fish and pomo garnished with Utazi leaves. You can have this as a snack or a meal depending on the quantity. With N200 you’re good.

These are our nominations, what are yours?