Fey Kamson is a travel blogger and IT business analyst based in the UK. She is also the brains behind FNP Travel, the agency responsible for organizing the Marrakesh influencers trip last year with NwandoDodosKehinde Smith & Princess Polo. Fey said;

When I’m not at my part-time 9-5 job, I’m busy creating awesome travel getaways and content on my website, www.fnptravel.com.

FNP Travel is not your average travel agency, it is a travel experience company tailored to turn dream destinations to real life experiences. Infused with fun, style and photography, FNP aims to get you to See The World in your own way and create unforgettable moments.

Ps: FNP stands for Footprints ‘n’ Polaroids.

Why do you love travelling?

In simple words, “there’s a magic in travel that shapes you”.

I love travelling because I continuously become a better version of myself [with] each trip I embark on. I’ve become more centred, confident and cultured and asides from the inexplicable joy and satisfaction I get in just being in a foreign place, I have come to appreciate and love God even more. I am completely and utterly in awe of Him as there are so many amazing places and things that make up the world.

It’s indescribable!

Why Marrakesh?

Morocco was a mystery to unveil! It is a unique country that captured my imagination from the images and stories I heard. I had to make it a reality. I had to make it our reality.

Airport Style 

Super comfortable and easy. You’ll always catch me with no makeup on, wearing joggers, a white tee, sneakers and a backpack.

Morocco in Style

The theme of our entire trip is called “Morocco in Style” and the entirety of the trip was everything I dreamed of and more! Morocco is a sight to behold. A unique, colourful and eclectic land of traditional architecture, exquisite textiles, ancient medinas, vibrant souqs, exotic entertainment and unique desert landscapes!