Issa Rae is one of our gal pals (wishful thinking) we love onscreen, who also gives us really cool advice! Far from being Insecure, Issa tackles what life throws at her with a badass mindset.

In this digital age, it has become very important to embrace self-acceptance fearlessly. In Cosmopolitan‘s latest issue, the Actress and producer talks about why confidence is key and how she is able to rise above haters.

She said; Confidence comes from knowing your s–t is good. I’m for sure confident when it comes to work and trying to fulfil my dreams. Socially, the confidence has teetered, but that’s growing as I’m coming into who I am.

I’m going to look how I want to look—it’s going to be on my own terms. If people criticize my look, it really does not matter to me. It’s about how I feel. – she adds.

Her style is fun quirky and edgy, these attributes must attract the naysayers. According to Issa, she has reached a point where she blocks out hate, criticism and negativity. There comes a point when you have to block it out but remain humble—that’s the balance I’m trying to navigate.

For the feature, The CoverGirl brand ambassador embraces different bold makeup looks featuring solid colours on her eyes and lips, from the brand’s cosmetics range.

For our #FearlessSummer issue this month, we are taking Issa Rae’s words on confidence and self acceptance as the standard!

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