Fashion Week is finally here! In celebration of the behind the scenes work as well as the countless roles and industry insiders it takes to bring Lagos Fashion Week to life, we’re profiling inspiring people from across the industry and asking them to share their Fashion Week Prep routines, their tips and tricks, and productivity secrets. Consider this your sneak peek into the insider knowledge and a mini handbook into the business of fashion from your fave fashion insiders, From stylists to publicists, models to editors and more check out what the secret sauce for a successful fashion week is! Following our chat with Derin Odugbesan Thomas, Style Vitae contributor and beauty entrepreneur, we have former Pulse Nigeria fashion editor, Ntianu Obiora and head of communications at AFA Sports.


Ntianu Obiora, Former Editor Pulse Nigeria Fashion, Current Head of Communications and PR, AFA SportsBNS: How do you prep for fashion week?

My favourite part about fashion week is seeing the progression of the designers so I always

look back at past collections from my faves to get reacquainted. It makes seeing their new work that much more exciting!

BNS:  How do you balance working at the shows with being in charge of a website?

I’m no longer an Editor but when I was, it took military precision to ensure that I was present at the shows and able to come back and make meaningful and timely commentary. I also had a fantastic team behind me who helped everything come together.

BNS: How do you balance doing the shows during the day with events in the evening?

I won’t lie, fashion week for me is really about the fashion and I tend to go missing during the evening events. I will probably go to the opening party but after that, it’s an early night for me in preparation for the next day.

BNS: What else are you doing during fashion week —  meetings, dinners, events?

The next day, we always have a post-show debrief at the office and get geared up for the day ahead. Personally, I try to make time to catch up with industry friends I haven’t seen in a while over lunch or coffee too.

BNS: What happens post-fashion week?

Post-fashion week is for putting out detailed show reviews and then

BNS: How do you go about getting access to everything for your team?

Last year, we had an exclusive partnership with the PR company behind fashion week so we were given Access All Areas for the team and our influencers. We were able to create fantastic content with no holds barred.

BNS: For you, what is the most enjoyable part of fashion week?

The best part is catching up with friends. I always seem to bump into people I haven’t seen in a while and it’s always a pleasure.

BNS: What’s the most challenging part?

Constantly being on your feet, running around trying to get the most out of each day.

BNS: What is your post fashion week ritual?

Rest and recuperation. I like to head to a spa for a well-deserved massage.

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