Fashion Week is finally here! In celebration of the behind the scenes work as well as the countless roles and industry insiders it takes to bring Lagos Fashion Week to life, we’re profiling inspiring people from across the industry and asking them to share their Fashion Week Prep routines, their tips and tricks, and productivity secrets. Consider this your sneak peek into the insider knowledge and a mini handbook into the business of fashion from your fave fashion insiders, From stylists to publicists, models to editors and more check out what the secret sauce for a successful fashion week is! Today, we have Lagos-based Derin Odugbesan Thomas, StyleVitae contributor, fashion influencer and the brains behind the Nail and Beauty Avenue. She shares insight into why she loves Nigerian fashion and her best part of Lagos Fashion Week. Plus, find out what Lagos Fashion Week does for her personal brand. 
BNS: How do you prep for fashion week?
To be honest, I don’t really have how I prep, I just take it as the day comes, although I decide which shows I really want to attend earlier.

BNS:How do you decide what to wear or what brands to work with at Fashion Week?

I make sure I know what looks I want to go for or what side of style I’m trying to show then I work with that.. I have never really worked with designers during fashion week, everything I wear is from my closet.

BNS: And how do you balance your regular content with fashion week content?

I don’t let one affect the other, I kind of just switch and probably say earlier I would be attending fashion week and when the day comes the content changes to fashion and once fashion week is done, it switches back to regular posts.

BNS: What value does fashion week bring to your personal brand?

It helps me find new designers especially those that create my kind of style looks, also its refreshing to see the brilliance that is ‘Nigerian Designers’ and how every year they up their game, in the fashion world, also trends to look forward to.


BNS: How do you get access to everything you need for your fashion week coverage?

Depending on what kind of access I’m looking for, I reach out to the team for it or most times I get invited either by the show or by the sponsors to attend and I’m given full access.

For you, what is the best part of fashion week? 

After the party is the ‘AFTER PARTY’.. Lol

BNS: What’s the most challenging part of Fashion Week for you?

Most times the shows don’t start [on time], and just hanging around is a bit not fun.

BNS: What is your post fashion week ritual? 

Never had one, but now that its actually a thing, I’ll look into getting one. Lol.


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