Often times, transitioning from the fast paced festive December into the usually slower January feels a lot like waking up on the morning after a crazy party. You don’t want to but you have to, and you find yourself wondering why you thought going all out the previous night was a good idea. A helpful hack I’ve found to work rather well – because coffee can only do so much – is indulging in a little activity that simultaneously provides escapism and helps your body warm up to the fact that the holidays are over and very few things does this as well as indulging in a little fashion entertainment.

As a part of our January Kickstart Issue, I’ve rounded up a few of the best loved fashion films and TV series that provide the entertainment needed to distract you from the world while inspiring your style and warm you up to get back outside. From the fashion cult classic The Devil Wears Prada to Africa Magic’s TV drama Hush, here are the four fashion movies you should kickstart your year with.

1. The Devil Wears Prada

Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada | Credit: 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection

The Devil Wears Prada finds its way once more to another list of fashion films despite being released almost thirteen years ago and with good reason. The David Frankel directed film which stars two of my favorite Hollywood screen goddesses – Meryl  Streep and Anne Hathaway – has over time come to be the favorite of many fashion enthusiasts as well as the movie that introduced many of us to the fast paced fashion industry and world of fashion journalism. Although many of us grew to realize that the industry is not nearly as glamorous as Miranda Priestly made it seem but this classic film is one that is always worth the watch no matter the day or time and is the perfect thing to kickstart your year in style.

2. Hush

Richard Mofe-Damijo Who Plays Rem In Africa Magic’s Hush | Credit: @mofedamijo

Africa Magic’s Hush is a thrilling TV drama that centers two powerhouses – one in the fashion industry and one a political powerhouse  – Bem played by everyone’s favorite zaddy Richard Mofe Damijo and Arinola played by the talented Thelma Okudowa. Focusing solely on the fashion aspect, Bem is one of Lagos’ most sought for fashion designers and for most of the show both Bem, his workers and colleagues, enemies and more constantly delivered subtle stylish looks that are worth bookmarking.

3. The Personal Shopper

Kristen Stewart in The Personal Shopper | Credit: IFC Films

If you love fashion and thrill then The Personal Shopper is for you. This riveting movie, which I feel far too many people sleep on, features actress Kristen Stewart who plays the part of Maureen who is, yes you guessed right, a personal shopper to a celebrity and eventually starts getting text messages from her late brother. This 2017 movie might not be the fashion cult classic that that The Devil Wears Prada is but it is definitely worth a watch especially as Kristen Stewart delivers some of her best acting work yet.

4. The September Issue

Anna Wintour in The September Issue | Credit: Roadside Attractions

Vogue’s ‘September Issue’ is undeniably the publication’s most important issue as September is the fashion world’s equivalent of January which marks the beginning of another Autumn/Winter fashion season. If you have ever wanted to know what goes down during the creation of the ‘Holy Issue’ then this is the one to watch. The RJ Cutler documentary closely follows legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour while she prepares the 840 pages of the 2007 September Issue. With fast scenes from industry veterans as they all put their heads together to ensure that each page that makes it way to the newsstand is nothing short of perfect, this one movie is one that every true fashion enthusiast will enjoy.