A simple step back to look at the fashion industry leaves one in awe as to how much technology has changed and advanced it. From innovating the world of fashion journalism and making it more accessible to everyone to changing how fashion brands connected with their audience and consumers as well as raising a new crop of digital fashion insiders – fashion bloggers and influencers – who are constantly dishing out style inspiration on their digital platforms, the impact of technology on fashion is quite astounding.

However, occasionally the digital space does feel oversaturated with so many bloggers and influencers that it is hard to know exactly who to follow and who to keep up with. As part of our January Kickstart Issue, I’ve put together five male fashion influencers worth following to help kickstart your style game for 2019.

1. Akin Faminu


Starting off our list is the very fashionable doctor Akin Faminu who moonlights as one of Africa’s biggest men’s fashion influencers and is also currently one of the most recognizable names in the Nigerian digital fashion industry. Akin’s very dapper and clean style makes him a go to for the gentleman who loves looking classy and stylish.

2. Adebayo Oke-Lawal


Constantly leaving us star-struck with his impeccable styling, use of colors and intriguing silhouette, this award-winning creative director and fashion designer is nothing short of iconic. The ease with which he styles what seems complicated makes him worth following as well as studying.

3. Ernest Donkor


This Ghanaian fashion blogger who snagged the Glitz Africa Fashion Blogger Award in 2018 is definitely one to follow on the gram for your regular dose of men’s fashion inspiration. His style is very unique to him and might I add irregular in the best of ways making him a breath of fresh air on these Instagram streets which occasionally get boring.

4. Kuyet Bamai


Abuja based fashion blogger, influencer and social media strategist Kuyet Bamai goes out of his way to curate one of the most super clean Instagram feed out there. From flat lays to OOTDs, his Instagram is never boring and never not inspiring. Kuyet is one of the fresher faces who goes above and beyond when creating.

5. Ifeanyi Okafor Jr


Like Akin Faminu, Ifeanyi Okafor Jr is a medical doctor and a very dapper stylish man. This fashion blogger and BellaNaija Style contributor regularly works with some of the biggest fashion brands and names to create amazing content both on Instagram, his blog and his BellaNaija Style column.