In case you’ve been wondering if Ogwa Iweze is still on her journey of delivering amazing content as she takes us on her journey round the amazing city of Abuja with her digital series Fashion And The City, the answer is yes, she still is and yes, this series still has us hooked as Ogwa and her creative team keeps outdoing themselves with each roll out.
After taking on top Abuja restaurant House 43, DZYN’s creative director and her team set their sights on Cantina Restaurants and Bar – a picturesque Italian restaurant located in the heart of Matiama, Abuja.
Dressed as usual, in another eye catching piece from her brand DZYN and with her face perfectly beat by her makeup artist @soclearmakeup and photographed by the talented @ejikemanny, the pictures from this particular shoot definitely had us stunned.
 Ogwa Iweze posted the pictures on Instagram with this caption;
When I first walked into @cantinasinclair it was love at first sight! There was just something welcoming about it.
Was meeting up with a few friends and have visited several times since then. It’s always a plus to have great service and I can give them top marks for that.
Located along busy Yesderam street not far from the popular farmers market, it’s definitely become a popular choice for friends, family and lovers


Photography: @ejikemanny @iamrotibafundz

Makeup: @soclearmakeup

Creative Direction: @doyindokpesi @casj.aisha

Assitant Creative Direction: @__emeka__