Continuing her journey of exploring fashion and lifestyle and beautiful spaces in the city of Abuja with her digital series Fashion and The City,  fashion influencer and creative director of fashion brand DZYN Ogwa Iweze kicks up it up a notch with a visit to one of Abuja’s top restaurant.

The series, which seems to be aging very much like fine wine and getting better with every roll out, found DZYN’s creative director in House 43 – one of Abuja’s finest restaurants – alongside her talented creative team where she shows us how to perfectly merge fashion and lifestyle as she was draped as usual in another amazing piece from her fashion brand. Her makeup done to goddess-like perfection and the other memebers of her creative team directing and capturing the moment she perfectly!

Let’s just say Ogwa Iweze has us hooked on this series and looking forward to even more!


Photography: @ejikemanny @iamrotibafundz

Makeup: @soclearmakeup

Creative Direction: @doyindokpesi @casj.aisha

Assitant Creative Direction: @__emeka__