Every Friday, the BNS social media and editorial team comes together and share all our favorite things from the past week. From the fashion brand we are obsessed with to the BellaStylista whose style is just goals, here are this week’s fab finds.



Unconventional menswear would always leave a smile on our faces. Pieces that are made for men but don’t hold on to outdated sartorial norms are not that easy to come by especially in Nigeria but brands like Emmy Kasbit are changing that narrative one piece and one collection at a time and these custom pants from them just have our hearts. They manage to be incredibly stylish, undeniably comfortable and nail an aesthetic that leaves everyone turning their heads to glimpse at you.



The Ordinary has made its waves all through social media – Instagram in particular- where it has gained the approval of many beauty and lifestyle influencers, being the subject of many conversations and flatlays and all of this is due partly to the brand’s aesthetic and partly due to the fact that it actually gets the job done, at a great price. While they do have a very wide range of products, their Glycolic Acid toning solution is a skincare holy grail that is bound to leave you seeing results!



From healthy salads, to delicious wraps, to smoothies and much more, So Fresh promises you an interesting array of tasty meals. The best part? They have both a great and aesthetically pleasing space and an amazing delivery service.



When the pilot of the first season of Pose was released in 2018, it left us all in absolute excitement. The cast, the plot, the storyline all served to create a story that connected to people all round the world and finally allowed actual members of the ballroom community to be front and center of the glory that came from Ballroom going mainstream. However, season two took everything we loved from season one and made it three times better and came with so much wonder of its own.


Our BellaStylista of the week goes to singer and songwriter Ric Hassani. His modern day interpretation of afrocentric fashion remains a sight for sore eyes and the aura he exudes is just beyond. The fashionable gentleman has proven time and time again that he is truly and utterly a style icon deserving of every and any accolade.