Celebrating the shared culture and traditions that bind us together…

Excelsior Lusso is delighted to announce the beautiful union of two hearts, drawn together by love and a common culture at the UNESCO Africa Week 2024 fashion event in the romantic city of Paris, France!

The beloved South African fashion brand showcased its latest collection at UNESCO Africa Fashion Week in Paris, on the the 24th of May,2024.

The project, which was launched on October 26, 2023, sought to showcase the African Fashion industry through The African Fashion Sector Theme: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities with an exciting debut that took place at Lagos Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria.

Excelsior Lusso’s invitation acknowledges the brand’s expertise in crafting premium women’s fashion infused with African influences, innovative marketing strategies, and unique brand experiences. Its remarkable pioneering approach allows the brand to stand out and demonstrate its distinct talents.

By highlighting these unique brand experiences, Excelsior Lusso leaves a lasting impact on customers, differentiating itself from the rest.

Speaking of the opportunity to showcase at UNESCO Africa Fashion Week in Paris, Mac Mashilo, Creative Director of Excelsior Lusso commented:

Through the fusion of various cultures utilizing textures, fabrics, colours, patterns, and personalities, a parallel can be drawn to the unity found in marriage.

This journey of discovery and exploration elevates garments beyond just fabric and stitching, transforming them into a platform for individual expression that showcases the wearer’s distinct character and heritage. This is a lively and ever-evolving fusion that allows South Africans to honour their identity while embracing the beauty and diversity of their multicultural nation.

 — Mac Mashilo, Creative Director of Excelsior Lusso.