Estare has started a new series focused on the business of influencing! For everyone who is interested in the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing of wielding influence as a global content creator – this one is for you!


On her Instagram she shared:

super excited (actually I’m mad nervous ?) to present my very first live session in a series of open, honest and real conversations – beginning with a session with my very own right hand woman @frkle of @thefifthagency!!

In this session we’ll be delving into the more serious side of influencer life- covering topics such as:⁣
• when is the right time to seek management/ representation ⁣
• understanding contracts and legal terms⁣
• does management HAVE to take over my Instagram? ⁣
• help in finding your niche⁣
• understanding and calculating rates⁣

Don’t want to ramble on, join us this Sunday, right here- at 6pm GMT for a chinwag! ?

Watch the full video below!


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