Nigerian neo-futuristic creative exploration brand ASO (pronounced Ah-shaw) has released its sequel collection tagged “Emerged“.

According to the brand,

The collection embodies the essence of self-discovery, confidence, and authenticity. Through bold colours, unique designs, and a celebration of diversity, it aims to inspire individuals to embrace their true identities and live unapologetically.

Following the success of its debut “The Emergence” collection, which highlighted the difficulties of embracing oneself as an average Nigerian, using architectural techniques in its creative process, Emerged: The Sequel delves into the relatable experience of struggling with self-actualization, finding oneself and how much richer life becomes with our emergence.

The fabrics used in the collection range from sequin to lace and suede as ASO proves to us that its creative prowess goes beyond clothing creation into the experiential world of everyday stories.

Check out the collection below:

Watch the Collection campaign below: