Modest clothing brand DASKA, led by Maryam, recently opened up shop in the fashion industry with a striking modest womenswear collection.

Following Maryam’s realization that only a few women’s clothing brands offered high-quality, stylish conservative clothing, she decided to change the narrative and establish a high-octane modest clothing brand.

According to the statement of the brand:

Modest clothing has long been a second thought in the fashion market which has led to women adding more layers to their clothing to make them modest as they are unable to find suitable designs online that do not compromise in style. The brand’s mission is to empower women and reassure them that they can feel beautiful without having to show skin whether it is a religious decision or not and aim to remove the stigmas attached to modest clothing in the mainstream market.

DASKA moves away from traditional modest designs and instead created a brand that pushes the boundaries by offering effortless designs in environmentally responsible fabrics while introducing new timeless silhouettes, playful patterns, and a bright colour palette for their first collection.

See the full collection below.




Brand: | @daskafashion