Just about a month ago, we flooded the internet with black boxes in protest of systemic injustice against children, women and black people in general. While that was a necessary beginning to a multi-pronged fight, we must find ways to continuously support our community. In the spirit of amplifying black voices, I’ve styled some gorgeous black-owned pieces as part of
the below print inspired outfits.

Bellastylistas, these designers are super talented. Supporting them means putting your money where your mouth is. It also means having that pep to your step when you strut around town (you know that feeling when you’re totally feeling yourself and your look?!).

Bag by @leyelesi
Print crop top: @afrikayla
Photo credit: @martaskovro

Lounge set: @shopnicholelynel
Photo credit: @dadouchic

Print jumpsuit: @shopjbolin
Photo credit: @dadouchic

Kimono: @afrothrone

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