A while back I heard someone say that your hairstyle makes up 80% of your look. We can certainly put that up for debate but I think we can at least agree that it certainly spices things up. Just like my outfits, I love to play with different hairstyles (so far, I’ve mostly done so by rocking different hair colours). But I recently rediscovered braided hairstyles and I’m in love.

Just like I do with my outfits (lol), I decided to mix and match styles – stitch braided cornrows in front mixed with boho knotless braids at the back (sounds like a lot, I know, but it actually came out great. Check out the photos below).

No worries if stitch braids and boho knotless braids don’t sound like your jam, I’ve also included additional gorgeous looks to inspire your next braided hairstyle. Let me know what you think.