Womenswear brand Elexiay recently released its new collection for the new season and the hand made pieces have us dreaming of a summer escape!

According to the brand:

This season Elexiay explores the bond of sisterhood. We believe sisterhood gives a sense of belonging and connection.

In a male-dominated culture, women start out with a handicap that they can never make up for. Even if we try our hardest, succeed in business, throw all of our compassion and love out the door, and toughen up like we’re supposed to, we’ll never live up to society’s expectations simply because we’ll always just be women.

We believe sisterhood is empowering, healing and freeing which is what Elexiay celebrates.

The palette of this collection is earthy, featuring tassels, ruffles, and more piquant creations.

See the full lookbook below


Brand: @elexiay

Creative Director: @elleyiaa

Photographer: @andikan_

Models: @tarabond_ @pamadede @tthewallflowerr @glamlooksbyoreke