TV host and style connoisseur Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is SCHICK Magazine‘s latest cover star.

In this issue, the star talks about hosting one of Africa’s most popular TV shows, living life in the limelight, and so much more. For the feature, Ebuka was styled by the talented Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe a.k.a The Style Infidel, and photographed by Emmanuel Oyeleke.

For the cover, Ebuka dons a stylish yellow blazer by N I N I E, a brown top by Sense of Humour paired with purple pants from DAVID WEJ. The whole look is an amazing colour combination that works perfectly with the aesthetics of the cover.

On entering the entertainment and media industry:

I wasn’t really excited by the Law practice at the time. I wanted to study for a Masters abroad, then I saw an ad for this show with a $100,000 prize and that was all I needed. I really had no plans to go into the media or entertainment industry; I just wanted to win the money and disappear!

On his journey from a housemate to an incredible host:

When I got evicted and saw the crowd outside screaming my name, I was like, wait, you mean this show is popular? I almost ran back into the House to re-strategise! It was a very eye-opening experience for me, but I was now also thrown into this world I knew nothing about; fame. I had to figure out how to make a life out of it.

I think every TV host in Nigeria, if not the continent, always has an eye on hosting Big Brother. As humans, we continuously aspire to reach the top, so from the day I started hosting my first TV show in 2006, I started picturing it. I also figured it would make for a great story, seeing a former housemate host the show, but I didn’t sit around feeling entitled to it. I got on with my work, believing the opportunity would come one day. So, when it came, I was fully prepared for it.

On his childhood:

I was the last child for a very long time and my siblings are much older than I am, so for a while, I was the only kid at home. My older brother and sister were away in boarding school and I was mostly home alone with the folks, which meant that I got all the attention. The downside to getting all the attention though is that you also get all the discipline and tough love… But, it was still mostly happy times.

On how he and his wife Cynthia met:

I met her on Twitter. We followed each other, DM’d a few times and then kept it moving.

The connection wasn’t instant, but over time I think I realised that, beyond how much of a happy person she is, our values aligned so strongly that an attraction started to form. It also helps that she has the biggest smile in the world and laughed a lot at things I said and vice versa. From the day we started talking seriously, I knew literally 2 months later that I wanted to marry her.

We talk about any and everything. Nothing is off-limits and that honestly helps. Knowing that, at the end of the day, you’re excited to go back home and tell your partner how your day went and hear theirs… it’s the ultimate connection for us – talking. It helps that we both like gist!… We’re evolving into a true partnership and I’m hoping it can only continue. Still, a long way to go.

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Digital Editor: @Kunmi_O
Creative Direction: @TitiAdesa
Photography: @EmmanuelOyeleke
Styling: @TheStyleInfidel
Wearing: @ninieofficial @SenseOfHumourNG @DavidWej @KiingDaviids 
Makeup: ⁣⁣@Zoraa_Makeup