Roses are red, violets are blue, and finding fun things to do on Valentine’s Day is no small to-do. Yes, it is a romantic holiday, but are you setting aside time to show yourself some love too? Creating little moments throughout the day to pause and enjoy your own company on Valentine’s Day is an invitation to indulge in some self-care.

With that sentiment in mind, we have rounded up five self-care tips for Valentine’s Day—because this holiday deserves better, and so do you.



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You can practice self-care by decluttering your home. Our homes provide us with many essential needs: sleep, relaxation, nourishment, support, solitude, and reflection. You can make your space a place of sanctuary instead of chaos and stress by cleaning and decluttering it.

Take a Candlelit Bubble Bath


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In terms of self-care rituals and setting the mood and ambience of your space, candles are a game-changer. You can pamper yourself in the comfort of your home with a candlelit bubble bath. To set the mood, we suggest investing in sweet and soft scent candles from beauty mogul Jackie Aina‘s lifestyle brand, FORVR Mood. Get yourself a bottle of wine and some fruit if you like. Soak in an array of bubbles. Put on some 90’s R n’ B, enjoy the music and let the stress melt away.

Give Yourself a Facial


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With your body now clean, let’s give your face some extra attention with an at-home facial. Facials are one of the most relaxing and luxurious things you can do for yourself. Remember to cleanse, exfoliate, steam, mask, tone, moisturize and finally apply sunscreen (in that particular order).

To make sure you treat yourself to a spa-quality facial at home, you need quality skincare products. Arami Essentialspurity mask and glow scrub are some of our favourites from the brand. Similarly, we love the exfoliating cleanser from Ghanaian skincare brand Nokware, and we absolutely can’t forget about R&R Luxury‘s body butter balm.

Make Your Favourite Meal

Cooking and food, in our opinion, is a form of self-love and care. Your body deserves nourishment with fresh ingredients and your favourite spices and flavours. Put on your favourite music, pour yourself a cocktail, and enjoy cooking your favourite meal just the way you like it!

Dinner & A Movie

Now that you are all pampered and pretty, it is time to have some good food. Have a glass of wine with your meal and then curl up to watch romantic Nollywood movies or any other genre of your choice on Netflix. If you are in the mood for the former, we’d highly suggest The Royal Hibiscus Hotel, When Love Happens, Isoken & Kambili.