In the plethora of fashionable male personalities in Nigeria, Denola Grey stands out. Maybe it’s the way he puts together his outfits, that even a casual jeans and tee combo looks like it’s fresh off the runway. Or maybe it is just the palpable confidence that he exudes every day of the year and with every outfit, but one thing is clear; influencer and media personality Denola Grey has proven beyond any possible doubt that he knows his style onions.

On and off the streets of Instagram, Denola always looks his very best. While there are many style lessons one could pull from closely observing Denola’s instagram and style, the one lesson we think is an essential for every man out there looking to take his style game a notch higher has to be: always have fun with it!

Whether it is throwing on a rabbit mask that is reminiscent of Ariana Grande‘s Dangerous Woman or draping a blazer over his shoulders like a cape, Denola has nailed this secret and we think all the guys out there can and should!

Here is proof that this little trick leaves Denola Grey looking absolutely fly all day every day!

Credit: @denolagrey