GTBank‘s new fashion magazine Africa’s Finest centered around their annual GTBank Fashion Weekend is packed with interesting fashion articles, fun editorials, and insightful interviews.

One of which is a style story by men’s fashion enthusiast Denola Grey that confirms how much he loves homegrown brands, four of them especially. As an advocate of over-the-top looks, Denola’s ever-changing fashion personality has led him to embrace a style story with Nigerian designers and brands.

These are his favourite indigenous brands that have helped him navigate his style and aesthetic.

Orange Culture
It’s no secret that I’m a huge Orange Culture fan. What I love most about this brand is its dedication to pushing the envelope and embracing all parts of masculinity; including the parts that tend to be overlooked or repressed by ascribed gender roles and crippling heteronormative patriarchy. An Orange Culture piece is a conversation starter and an armour for the new age romantic.

JZO is a brand that has brought me great joy. The team and I consult on how to make my pieces unique and they never fail to deliver. Some of my greatest fashion moments have been courtesy of this young and growing brand. They are primarily stocked at Mei Dei and I swear by their attention to detail and finishing.

Never underestimate the power of a well-tailored suit. I discovered Rhobes which was created by Ife Adebayo, at a time when I desperately needed suits but couldn’t find ready to wear pieces in my size. Brands that celebrate the male form will always get a nod from me. Why should the girls have all the fun?

I was definitely a minority on the issue, but I was soon convinced that wearing trad made me look quite young; almost childlike even. I shied away from it until the Creative Director of Kolisa urged me to try it out. Two looks later, I was hooked! My agbadas and kaftans now feature tassels that make it all the more fun to wear.

There are lots other brands that he ascribes to, whose pieces feature prominently on his Instagram page.

Denola’s ultimate fashion tip: You must utilize your style as a guide to freedom of expression.

Credit: GTBank Africa’s Finest

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