Rising menswear brand tWIF (The Way It Fits) puts its best pieces on display for its latest collection titled Deluxe.

For its 2020 offering, the designer sticks to the suave and debonair aesthetic of the brand presenting functional suits in diverse colours that appeal to the classic man with modern tastes.

According to the designer:

This collection was born out of intense passion and desire for our clients to have access to premium quality and sustainable luxury.

Every stitch, fabric choice, colour and design for this collection was carefully deliberated on, to provide luxurious comfort and ultra satisfaction whilst maintaining our brand identity.

See the full collection below

Photographer: @ovia_reflex
Styling and Creative Direction: @style_territory
Model: @tai.lagos
Location: @cruisedesignandinteriors
Accessories: @oylsignature
Bags: @detailafrica
Shoes: @hemarblack @monimorgan