Womenswear brand Wanni Fuga recently unveiled its latest collection tagged Madame and the collection celebrates femininity with breathable fabrics, demure yet flattering cuts and sophisticated aesthetic.

According to the designer:

Since adopting a less is more aesthetic, the Madame collection is to inspire strength and confidence in women. This recent collection uncovers a contemporary, chic and ethereal look for the Wanni Fuga woman. This collection is defined by a muted palette of ecru, fiery red, sage green and brown; the colours of the earth.

Each outfit is named after women who inspire us and embody all we believe a Wanni Fuga woman is. It is of great pleasure being supported by women and it motivates us to return that favour by creating great pieces for them. This collection is just in time as Wanni Fuga is set to open up a brand new store and all the pieces from this collection would be available in store.

See the full lookbook below

Designer: Toluwani Wabara @wannifuga www.wannifuga.com
Photography: Lex Ash @TheLexAsh
Makeup Artist: @shegzy_makeovers
Models: Esther Sophia Augustine @sophia_augustine_
Creative Direction: Toluwani Wabara