Okay so it’s precisely one week and a day away and you haven’t started your Christmas Shopping yet, please don’t freak out – go to Temple Muse instead. This is no joke, if you are short of time, they will sort you out, not only that they will wrap the presents in their exquisite packaging which will make any recipient ooh and ahh just at the sight of the gold ribbon under the tree. Because let’s be real here between the traffic, the hustle and the sheer pace of Lagos living na-one-chance shopping, especially of the lux-style is just so much nicer. And before anyone starts pulling faces at the price of buying your nearest and dearest expensive presents – that was what the preceding eleven months have been for – making money moves a la Cardi B! But without further ado a quick dash through the aisles by yours truly – you can thank me later!

Christmas Shopping, Mazzi Musings Style: Temple Muse

Nothing says Christmas quite like a sick and ideally sparkly new outfit – after all we are basically attending and celebrating one epic birthday party no? We’re loving this Ere Dappa jumpsuit for a number of reasons. First things first it’s limited edition so the chances of you ending up with an  Aso’ebi/Who Wore It Best incident are slim to none. Next it is packs a high fashion punch, the sleeves, the ruffs, the embellishment – ticks all round, and finally the fact it’s a jumpsuit. You will definitely stand out – everyone else will be in bore-snore dresses or pretty but predictable variations of trad and you, OR if you are having a mega dose of generous spirit, your sister, BFF, sisi-in-law (because this present can either be a personal present for yourself OR one for a Bella Stylista who is a near(ish) age-mate) will be the official Christmas Cracker #SantasSlayer! And as if that isn’t enough to convince you, in a jumpsuit you’re able to really go cray on the dance-floor, and if you drink too much, fall over without any further embarrassment. As stated earlier; for you or for that very special sister-friend in your life.

So it’s kind of really working, in fact it is serious. He’s the first and last message of the day, guaranteed cheesy smile on your face when you see him and that flutter in your stomach  at the mention of his name – you know, the one you used to be all chilled about so as not to appear too keen – is one you are happy to share with the world courtesy of tagging him as your #mancrushmonday every week. But what do you get him? We say something that hints at sophistication but still has plenty cool points, look no further than a Furious Goose pocket square.  For the uninitiated a public service announcement: Matching your pocket square and your tie is not a look. In fact it screams AMATEUR in male sartorial stakes. This number on the other hand with it’s graphic tessellated flying robins is both seasonal and highly adaptable. It can be rocked with a grey, navy or black suit, in fact if Mr Man really is the definition of dapper he could even shock and awe and put it in his trad pocket. After all in the style stakes just as the love ones,  he did not come to play.  And if you are not in love-of-your-life mode this can work for a brother, couzo-of-life or that super cool Uncle who has not aged a day.

You know Mummy has still got it  and then some, after all you wouldn’t be telling everyone else you ‘Got it from your Mama’ if this wasn’t true. From Owambe Oppression to taking the cake every time at family gatherings and still managing to knock up a killer soup and swallow for you to eat and ‘just be’ when you are going through stressful stuff no questions asked. She is your Ultimate Day 1 – after all this relationship did start in the womb so it’s the definition of deep. But as we said earlier Mummy is still rocking and as such she needs a hexagonal box clutch, from Edie Parker that’s as red and shiny as Mama’s signature lipstick and is the definition of chic. Bonus points for contrasting palladium and gold hardware on this beauty, allowing Mummy to rock her diamonds or her gold jewellery suites without worrying about handbag=clash dilemmas. This is also a winning gift for the Mother-in-Law who will love you forever and a day afterwards! This clutch will become a go-to that is seen on a Saturday wedding, a Sunday Function, and if Daddy is still on point and bringing some Harry Belafonte moves, date nights too.

Daddy Dearest has been working a lifetime to make sure everything is running smoothly. If we are being old-school (no vex to the working Mummies out there!) it is highly likely that he had housing, feeding and school fees on lock-down and let’s not even begin to hail him every time he was harsh with the jokers who came and went claiming to be ‘suitable suitors’. For a man who has been the definition of practical and reliable and let’s be honest probably has everything that he needs covered, it is time for indulgence and speaking to his senses on a metaphysical level, and nothing does this more than art. In this instance why not begin, or if he already collects, add to his art collection with a beautiful piece by Pius Emorhokpor?  His pieces have shown in prestigious galleries such as the  Smithsonian in Washington DC and he was mentored by the legendary Bruce Onobrakpeya. And if your Papa on a normal day considers art a frivolity, explain to him that art is also a canny investment and watch him smile and nod and appreciate the piece in a whole new light!

Because it’s all about the kids right? Especially as we are celebrating the birth of a very special one to boot! Except nowadays, little kids are all about their phones and their tablets and their video games and are not enchanted by stories of children in forests finding houses made of sweets and biscuits, or princesses trapped in towers with super-long hair (unless Disney have copy-pasted the story and animated it) , or little girls wearing red shoes that make them dance and dance and dance….but with this exquisite edition by leading art publishers Taschen these familiar stories (Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel and The Red Shoes) and others are retold and illustrated beautifully. The Brothers Grimm were the original children’s storytellers and this is a timeless treasure trove. Great for bed-time story fun, and pretty awesome for grown-ups too.

Aunties, Godmothers and Grandmothers can be a tricky crowd to buy a gift for. But one thing these ladies will have in common are lovely, well appointed homes. And those homes need to smell sweet, and we are not talking in a Jollof Rice and Dodo kind of way either! If we are considering the Rolls Royce or Bentley of Scented Candles then it has to be Cire Trudon. This is heritage candle people – we are talking a brand that has been making things smell palatable since the 17th century, when open drains and people chucking buckets of hideous out of windows was standard. Cire Trudon has a range of scents, my own personal favourite and set to be setting the scene in the sunny East this Christmas is called Nazareth but you can pick the one that works best for the sophisticated lady in your life.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a mega-blow-out of the Carbohydrates and Alcohol fuelled kind. And we are not talking of the usual food either – Christmas is all about gastronomic treats, condiments and spreads that one’s relatives might have difficulty pronouncing but will chow down with alacrity, because, dammit they are delicious, and let’s not forget pies, sweets and cakes that you can sit on the sofa contentedly scoffing as you watch your favourite movie that you know backwards, all washed down with wine/port/champagne/whiskey (delete were applicable). And no-one, shoot me if you don’t believe me does a Hamper, as in so good it can stand side by side with The Great Triumvirate of Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Partridges, like Temple Muse! Eat, feast and be merry, because it is the season. And who are we buying this one for? Well all of the family of course, although if you are feeling decadent – they do mini-ones which you can consume, alone, behind closed doors…

Smugness at the ease of this shop is entirely allowed, as everyone will be blown away in the unwrapping, and if you are still not convinced by TM ( just the wrapping the gifts for you option make me sigh with relief) you can sip a glass of champagne or a perfectly made Cafe Latte, and nibble on a cupcake as you contemplate how your One-Chance-Shop was done and dusted in less than two hours.