As part of our ongoing obsession with skincare we had a quick chat with aesthetician to the stars Samuel Nwatu AKA Clinic the Aesthetic. Ever wondered about the magic behind the clear and poreless skin of stars like Dakore Akande, Jemima Osunde, Bisola Aiyeola, Kaylah Oniwo and Keturah King? Well look no further!


BNS: What’s your skincare philosophy?

I believe that beauty cannot be created, it can only be uncovered because there is beauty in everyone of us.

BNS: How did you start out as an aesthetician?

I was doing an externship as a clinic Assistant in an aesthetics practice in France that was where I developed love for aesthetics and decided to go to aesthetics school…. and that’s how I began my career as an aesthetician.


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BNS: How did you start working with your celebrity clients?

…. it all started with Keturah King who was a host on CNN African Voices. She told a lot of people about my work and she even convinced Kaylah Oniwo to come give us a try and after we helped Kaylah with her skin concerns, Kaylah literally told everyone about our practice. It was just a cycle, one person tells another person and then another person and that’s how our celebrity clientele grew to include literally anyone who has a skin concern be it a celebrity or not.

BNS: What sort of treatments do you perform most often?

The most common treatments in our practice are treatments for hyperpigmentation. We do a lot of chemical peels and laser treatments for hyperpigmentation


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BNS: What skincare brands and products do you swear by?

Two products I swear by…. Sunscreen and Retinoids, No matter what your skin concerns are, there is a place for these two products in your routine. I don’t believe there is any brand that is complete, so I literally mix and match different products from different brands. I love Rejuva Formula from Rejuva skin. I love the P50 toner from Biologique Recherche. I love the Antioxidant sunscreen from 101 Clinical Skincare . I also love the Vitamin C mixing crystals from Cosmedix and I juggle between the Gly-Sal 5/2 wash from Replenix and the IS Clinical face wash. That’s basically all I have in my routine for now!


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BNS: What skincare ingredients do you love the most?

Easy, I love retinoids. They come in different forms and variations for different purposes and retinoids are the secret to glow up skin and it’s also the ultimate anti-ageing ingredient!

BNS: What do you recommend to your clients who want to treat their hyperpigmentation at home ?

First I recommend sun protection because the sun triggers the production of excessive melanin which you see as hyperpigmentation. Then you would need a safe depigmenting product like Rejuva Formula. You would also need an anti-oxidant as well, probably a vitamin c serum. These should get you going .


BNS: What does your morning skincare routine look like?

I always keep it simple with my routine, I wash my face with a face wash called Gly-Sal 5/2, I then use my P50 toner then my moisturizing sunscreen and I am good to go.

BNS: What about your evening routine?

In the evening, I still use my Gly-Sal 5/2 to wash, then a Hyaluronic serum (currently loving the one from Image) and I finish off with Rejuva or any 0.05 % Tretinoin cream I have around.

BNS: What are the biggest skincare mistakes you most often see Nigerian women making?

There are so many mistakes people make with their skin, first of all is using Soap on your face!  It’s an ABOMINATION! Soap distabilizes the pH of the skin and this is the beginning of several skin care concerns. Instead of using soap, get a face wash. I also think the biggest mistake people make with their skin is buying these so called Nigerian made “organic” skincare brands on Instagram. I don’t hate Nigerian brands but most of these people do not have any proper training in cosmetic science neither are their products certified as organic by an regulatory bodies. In the long run, these products would result in several complications that are easily avoidable. so, before buying any skincare product, make sure they are certified by reputable regulatory bodies or recommended by a qualified skincare practitioner

BNS: What’s the best way to deal with a blemish?

For blemishes, you may need to see a qualified skincare practitioner to  help tailor a treatment plan for you. I don’t advise treating acne and blemishes on your own.