Welcome to our very first BN Style Challenge! To bring some levity and much needed light-heartedness to this time of anxiety and fear we’ve created a fun fashion and beauty challenge for our style community to participate in! 

Here’s how it works: Join our community of awesome Bellastylistas over the next 16 days,  (the idea is to also give you a chance to get out of your style and beauty comfort zone as well!) You can participate every day for the full 16 days or just pop in when you feel like! Anything goes – from fashion tips to skincare routines, outfit ideas to lifestyle hacks (all focused on staying at home of course), we are super pumped to see what you guys have in store for us! Don’t forget to share your challenge entries and document the fun by posting to the hashtag #BNStyleChallenge16. Ready? Set? Go! 

April 15: Style one blazer (or top) three ways 


April 16: Wear your favourite colour on your face 


April 17: Show off your favourite pair of earrings


April 18: Your best Zoom Video Call beauty look


April 19: Have a pajama party for one. 


April 20: Wear a stylish mask on your next grocery run


April 21: Wear a matching set 


April 22: Style your basic leggings, bike shorts or sweatpants in a not-so-basic way. 


April 23: Match your makeup to your outfit (or your hair). 

April 24: Throw on some sunnies. Just because


April 25: Get ready for your Saturday digital happy hour. (Something you can dance around the house in)


April 26: #SelfCare Sunday. Put on a face mask, have a bath or have some wine. (selfie or it didn’t happen)


April 27: Try out an animal print look


April 28: Twinning with your BFF (Virtually only please!)

April 29: Give us your best #Asoebibella look.

April 30: We made it. Celebrate with a statement lip!