Burna Boy wears SSS World Corp shirt and Rick Owens trousers. Photography: G L Askew II for SSENSE

Canadian-based luxury fashion platform and original content hub SSENSE is well known for bridging the gap between music and fashion (Remember the world’s first shoppable music video with Diplo and Iggy Azalea?). For their latest feature Safra Ducreay sat down with Nigerian superstar Burna Boy, and had a good chinwag about everything from spirituality, his rise in the global music space to what Wakanda means to him.

The man-of-the-moment and Outside crooner is pictured in streetwear and casual wear from Vetements, Gucci, Craig Green, Vans, Diesel Black Gold, Rick Owens and SSS World Corp.

See excerpts and a few images from the feature below.

Burna Boy wears Vetements sweatshirt.Photography: G L Askew II for SSENSE
Burna Boy wears Gucci jacket, Craig Green jeans and Gucci sneakers.Photography: G L Askew II for SSENSE

On classism and societal deficiencies on the continent:

…The poor, uneducated man with nothing, no means of getting anything, and no brains still has a chance out here. .. but, when you lack the basic shit, like a light, and water, and a roof, that, my sister, is hell on Earth. No Wakanda can save you from that.

Burna Boy wears Vetements sweatshirt, Diesel Black Gold trousers and Vans Slip-On Sneakers.Photography: G L Askew II for SSENSE

On cultural appropriation :

In 2018, it’s like everyone is doing anything…. We’ve been divided and conquered for so very long that we’ve forgotten that we’re all the same.

Burna Boy wears Gucci jacket, Craig Green jeans and Gucci belt.Photography: G L Askew II for SSENSE

On Wakanda & Black Panther:

Now we have our own, and I’m proud of it. That’s why I fucks with the whole Black Panther thing—we have our superhero. But at the same time, the reality is always different, isn’t it?

See the entire feature  here.

  • Interview: Safra Ducreay
  • Photography: G L Askew II
  • Styling: Sandy Phan
  • Photography Assistant: Nicole Valencia
  • Grooming: Hee Soo / The Rex Agency
  • Digitech: Patrick Gonzales