Bisola Omoregha, popularly known as Bregha, just debuted a new product that beauty experts are already falling in love with.

The beauty influencer and makeup artist boasts almost 4ok Instagram followers and is known for her impeccable work on brides,wedding guests and models for editorials, so it makes sense that she teamed up with online retailer Omaricode, as the organic next step for her growing beauty empire.

The collaboration birthed a new product that we can all appreciate – a new moisture maximizer called Hydrate.

This product is a 2- in -1 hybrid of a hydrating moisturizer and a primer.  The lightweight fast-absorbing cream is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients that hydrates, smoothens, plumps, and primes for an effortless luminous skin – an all round-skin saver. Add all that to ingredients that help correct hyperpigmentation and increase skin elasticity, win-win!

Speaking exclusively with BellaNaija Style, Bregha explained how it all started:

It started with wanting to solve a problem in the beauty industry and the most pressing questions in my mind were – What do I like in a moisturizer, and what makes an even better moisturizer?

So, Omaricode and I sat to discuss our ideas from two points of view, from the consumer and a from the makeup artist’s point of view.  We met right in the middle and ended up with a hybrid product. We created an experience.

One of our tasks was picking and combining ingredients, and we kept it simple with very familiar ingredients – water, Vitamin E and B, collagen to increase for skin elasticity, arbutin to reduce hyperpigmentation, hyaluronic acid and galactic for long term moisture. All combined, the product applies lightweight and feels cooling on the skin while smoothening out the skin. It then dries down to create a glowing veil over the skin that remains tacky enough to hold makeup for at least 6hrs.

I’m very proud of this product, it’s my baby!

The Omaricode x Bregha moisture maximizer launched yesterday and is now available to shop on