Do you know Badass Boz?

Photo Credit: Vogue// Dress: Duro Olowu

From her Instagram name, you’ll figure she’s a total babe killing it! Bozoma Saint John is the Ghanaian Chief Brand Officer of Uber. Her reputation as one of the black women breaking the barriers of non-diversity and inclusivity in high-rank positions of international organisations has garnered her a huge following. Though a good number of her fans – including us are lovers of her style too.

Looking back at a famous Mimi Plange outfit she wore for Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2016 she says; As a black woman, I knew I had to show up in a way that empowered other black women.

For a spotlight feature, Vogue profiles the power woman and she shed more light on her personal style. Read the excerpts from the interview below:

Her Style Evolution
I remember hearing the buzz of the sewing machine as a child… Fashion has always been part of the story for me. I remember when Express started doing a 36-inch inseam. I tried to persuade my mom to buy me 100 pairs; I was so tired of the high-water look! They tend to have that little bit more stretch, and that works best for my body.

Her personal style
I’ve always wanted to wear what makes me feel most powerful. I like to add that physicality on top of me so that most of the time I’m towering.

Her work style
I’ll wear sequins to the office for no good reason… You know, I remember the one time I tried to fit into the corporate dress code. If you can believe it, I wore khakis with creases down the front when I first started at Pepsi. But I didn’t feel good, therefore my ideas weren’t good, and my personality couldn’t shine. It’s why I think it’s crazy when people say fashion is superficial because I think it’s part of what makes me comfy in my own skin; it’s part of what makes me me. And I’m unapologetic for all the things that I am.

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