Kenyan born Vanessa Kingori is the Chief Business Officer, Condé Nast Britain and Vogue‘s European Business Advisor. Additionally, she serves as British Vogue‘s Publishing Director. Before that, Kingori was the publisher of British GQ across all platforms.

For this Business of Fashion Podcast session, Kingori discusses experiences and lessons in leadership with Purpose Coach and founder of 822 Group, Mory Fontanez, highlighting the use of intuition to support data-driven decisions and challenging conformity as the “enemy of progress, creativity and business”.

According to Vanessa in the interview,

Everywhere I’ve been, I have had to get comfortable with being a bit of an outsider, which often means the decisions I come to are different to the normal consensus. It’s OK to be intuitive. It’s actually great to lean into your differences rather than try to push to assimilate too much.

Listen to the full episode below: