We’ve been conditioned to think that natural hair in all its kinky, coily glory isn’t ‘glamorous’ or ‘beautiful. The Natural Hair Chronicles is a BNS original content series that celebrates women who are pushing against Eurocentric beauty standards and embracing their natural texture and rocking it on screen, on the red carpet and in their everyday lives. 

BNS: How has your relationship with your hair evolved over the years?

I’ve always had good hair so I used to take it for granted. Over the years I have learnt to appreciate having a full head of hair and a perfect hairline, so I started looking after it more intentionally.

BNS:Have you always appreciated its natural texture?

Not at all! I used to wish my hair would blow in the wind and come together in a silky messy bun like my caucasian friends! What frustrated me the most growing up was that my hair didn’t move on its own.

BNS:Do you believe hair and women’s hair choices are over politicised?

Not at all. As black women we spend a substantial part of our lives doing our hair – and it has historically always been a part of our identity. It is our crown – and as with anything that important concerning identity, there are always several competing views – and these healthy exchanges are central to us ensuring that our attitude towards black beauty are relevant to the era we live in.

BNS:What hair style makes you feel the most glamorous and what does your hair mean to you today?

I’m a ponytail girl! I believe in the clean, simplicity of regal glamour, and I also love great make up and jewellery so this look allows all that to come together. My hair is a great sense of confidence for me.

BNS:Have there been times you felt you were over or under appreciated because of how your hair was styled or not styled?

I think people have made peace with me opting out of living in a wig, and rocking my natural tresses. I don’t really concern myself with the level of appreciation this choice brings me – it makes me happy.

BNS:Are you more or less accepting of your natural texture now?

Very much so, because I have learnt to how to manage it and manipulate it. I wouldn’t have it any other way – except when it rains.