It’s the final month of summer #cannotbelieveit. To get inspired, prepared, not to mention super pumped for our final summer holiday trips, we decided to take a glimpse into what four jet-setting fashion and beauty influencers have to have on holiday; basically the top three travel essentials they cannot live without!  From prestige beauty moisturizers to trusty old oils, make sure these end up on your next holiday checklist . Here’s how these tastemakers say bon voyage to not looking your best.

Cynthia Etonga, @SimplyCyn


Courtesy Innisfree Website


‘This Matte Blur primer from the Korean brand Innisfree has been so crucial to my makeup. In fact, it’s so good and blurring laugh lines and mattifying my face that I use it without makeup as well.’
Courtesy Kiehl’s Website
‘Travel can wreck damage on your face, from dry air on the plane, to hotel soaps, lotions to even just having your skin adjust to new weather at your location. My skin can so easily get irritated by all the changes- and this little bottle of green oil [Kiehl’s CBD Oil], has been a miracle for me. When used religiously- it prevents irritation and for the times when I don’t properly prep my skin- it overturns irritations in a matter of a couple of uses.’
Courtesy Morphe Website


‘I usually travel to warm destinations where it can get really hot. This often means that a full face of foundation is not the way to go. For that reason, I use the Morphe Concealer in C5.45 concealer to get my face looking completely blemish free. I get so many compliments on how great naked skin is and it’s not really naked- like magic!!!’
Special mention:  A deep red matte lip like ones from  Sephora or M.A.C that can make you feel instantly dressed up.

Deto Black, @DetoBlack
‘If you have full lips like mine you probably struggle to find a lip balm that keeps them moisturised for a long period of time, especially on long flights. I use Dr Lipp Nipple Balm (peculiar name for a lip balm I know, but it’s literally the best).’

‘A coloured lipstick from Jaxx Cosmetics, cause on holiday a coloured lip will compliment your sun kissed skin.’


Definitely cannot step outside my house without sunscreen, and my favourite brand for this is Chantecaille.

Sabrina Bella, @SiSabrinaBella

In as much as I love my CLARINS Hydra- Essentiel lip gloss or moisture replenishing lip balm as they call it, when I travel I trade that in  for a 50ml Vaseline: light hydrating jelly aloe fresh (has to be the one with aloe). In fact it’s always in my bag now! Not only does it keep my lips hydrated and popping, it serves as my multiple purpose solution. When I wear back to back makeup my face almost always reacts and just like that Vaseline to the rescue as it becomes an instant antidote for my hives/puffy eyes (I take an allergy pill too but Vaseline is step one LOL). I also use it to take off heavy eye makeup as it helps in preventing too much friction on the eyes in the wiping off process. So it’s truly a multiple purpose beauty product for me and a definite must have for all my travels


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‘I know it’s kind of crazy to say strip lashes are a must have when I’m going on vacay but the truth is… I either have 0 makeup on or a fully contoured face with lashes. I can do without eyeshadow, in fact I hardly ever put on eyeshadow these days but strip lashes are a must. I find that my makeup is incomplete without them and specifically pearl luxury lashes! Since I started using them no other lash feels right or looks right. The “Sabrina”  by Pearl Luxury Lashes (named after me) are my absolute fave, they can always be found in my makeup bag or accentuating my eyes. I can buy my Lancôme Teint Idole ultra long wear foundation at the airport or in a beauty store pretty much anywhere around the world but not the Sabrina lashes so it always flies with me.’

‘I am not done packing till I pack at least 3 perfumes. The most important of the 3 is the smallest bottle because it remains in my handbag the entire trip. I love smelling good and my nose is ultra sensitive or delicate, not sure what adjective works best but let’s just say it can smell anything foul from miles away so I like having perfume within reach to solve the problem. More often it’s just nice having a  perfume to spray right before stepping out of the plane or leaving the airport or during a night out. My current in-bag travel perfume is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino (Eau de Parfum 50ml). On a trip from Istanbul to Nice, I was so late that I was literally running through the airport to catch the flight and I felt gross upon getting to the counter. I opened my bag and you know what I did next! When I sat down the girl next to me said “What perfume are you wearing? I really like it, smells great!” I couldn’t stop smiling…’

Nicole Chikwe, @NicoleChikwe


‘I never travel with makeup on because I have acne prone skin, and that combined with the not so great recycled air, makeup AND bacteria everywhere always equals disaster for me. I love the Bioderma wipes because they give my skin a gentle but thorough cleanse without being too stripping. ‘

‘Although I have oily skin, cabin air could dry out a frying pan of small chops. Hyaluronic Acid is a must have because it is super lightweight but penetrates deep into the skin, and I love the nifty Hydraluron tube. I usually use this after the Bioderma wipes (both after Takeoff and before Landing)’


‘Possibly the most versatile beauty product ever. I use this on my lips (and hands) several times during the flight, and I use a quick swipe on my eyelids right before we land to fake a dewy look and look like I might actually have my life together. ‘