Co-founders of Bias In African Fashion, Papa Oyeyemi and Udo Nwogu, recently interviewed US-based couple Jordan Jackson and Danielle McCoy, who designed the opening ceremony outfit and entire Olympic kit for Nigeria’s 2022 Winter Olympics Team.

Top American biweekly magazine The Cut named the opening ceremony outfit among 13 of its “outstanding looks from the opening ceremony.” Similarly, the Nigerian Olympic outfit received mentions from The New York Times, Bustle, People Magazine, The Slate, Grazia– and more.

In this interview, Jordan Jackson and Danielle McCoy of Amen, Amen. Studio described the selection process that allowed them to connect with premium athleisure and sports apparel brand Actively Black, the outfit contractor for the Nigerian Olympic team.

Watch this heartwarming Valentine’s Day/ Olympics interview to learn how the opening (and closing ceremony) outfit for Nigeria’s 2022 Olympic team came to be.