The beautiful and uber-talented Beverly Naya headlines the 2022 maiden edition of Accelerate TV’s “The Cover”. In this issue, Beverly Naya tells the crew how she managed to take advantage of so many opportunities in 2021, focusing on what truly matters and why she pays attention to it.

The publication wrote in a statement:

If there’s one person that always looks effortlessly put together, it’s Beverly Naya. Her name pops up in various rooms for a remarkable number of reasons. Whether it’s based on how she bodies the role of a brutal nemesis, the conversations she kick-started with her award-winning Skin documentary or more recently, her strides in Nigeria’s fashion retail market, Beverly Naya is here for the long haul.

We can’t deny the unique experience that comes with transitioning from one year to another. While some people move on from the past year as quickly as the clock reads 00:00 on the first of January, others might still be figuring things out mid-April. Regardless of the group in which you find yourself, there are a number of things to take into account during this season of change and Beverly Naya is well-qualified to drop nuggets on how best to navigate the season.


On the cover, Beverly is sitting pretty in a white slip dress which she pairs perfectly with pearl accessories and a half-up, half-down locs updo featuring blue and white petals. Beverly chooses blue eye shadow, bold lashes, and a subtle lip for an accentuating effect.

These are some of the nuggets Beverly shared:

Nugget 1 –  Acknowledge your wins. One of the first things to do to aid your transition is to acknowledge the highlights from the past year. Good things happen to your state of mind when you’re able to actually celebrate your wins.


Nugget 2 – Prepare yourself for the opportunities ahead. If you’re looking forward to maximising all the opportunities that come your way in 2022, Beverly’s number one tip is you should learn.

Nugget 3 – Prioritise the things that make you happy without feeling guilty!

Nugget 4 – Win for the right reasons.

Nugget 5 – Redefine what a successful year is. A good number of us went into 2021 without knowing what to expect.

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Watch her interview below:


Publication: @accelerate_tv

Photography: @thetobiloke