The need for DNA by Iconic Invanity separate from its parent brand Iconic Invanity was to create a more age sensitive brand that catered to everyday fashion-conscious women from age 18-35. The mother and daughter designer duo have succeeded in making each of the brands collectively different drawing inspiration from diverse sources but sticking to a common goal- to provide ethnical luxury womenswear.

This season, the 19-year-old Co-Creative Director Destiny Nwadire kept the designs vibrant and youthful by introducing primary colours; black, white, yellow, blue and red inspired by Dutch pioneer of abstract art, Piet Mondrian‘s Neo Platicism tagging the collection Afro Neo-Plasticism because of the brand’s strong ties to African roots.

The heavy hand-beaded embellishments stayed true to the popular aesthetic of Iconic Invanity with its lines and symmetrical shapes leaving their signature mature touch but with a more sensual undertone. We saw playsuits, flirty dresses and lots of sexy cutouts.

There’s something a little mind-bending about seeing art and paintings designed onto an actual fabric and that’s definitely what made this collection totally standout.

Watch a clip of BellaNaija Style‘s interview with Destiny.

Photo Credit: @the.alfe