Last Sunday, the city of Lagos witnessed a night of pure enchantment, as the Barbie Movie Watch Party took place, leaving attendees in awe of the pink perfection, glamour, and endless fun that unfolded throughout the evening. The event, organised by Seyi Amao‘s empowering vision of “Own Your Crown” and supported by The Richer Woman Inc., was a celebration of true empowerment and collaboration.

The highlight of the night was the exclusive debut of Sissy Remi‘s breathtaking “Heart on the Mend” collection. The collection, a remarkable collaboration with the talented Stitches by Lope, left the audience captivated with its elegance and artistry. Each piece showcased the beauty of healing and resilience, making a powerful statement about the strength of the human spirit.

Additionally, an engaging panel discussion took place featuring Yanmo Omorogbe (COO and Co-Founder, Bamboo), Ifeoma Uddoh (CEO and Founder, Shecluded), and Omi Oshikoya (CEO and Founder of The Richer Woman Inc.). The discussion was insightful and thought-provoking, providing valuable insights into collaboration, scaling your business and balance.

Attendees were also thrilled after the movie screening with a fashion showcase by the incredible Shakara Trybe that was nothing short of mesmerising. The models, adorned in the most exquisite designs, graced the runway with confidence and grace, leaving the audience in awe of their beauty and poise.

The Barbie Movie Watch Party was not just an event for the ladies; Kens were also in attendance, adding to the overall fun and camaraderie. The night was filled with laughter, joy, and a sense of unity as everyone came together to celebrate the empowerment of women and the beauty of collaboration.

“We are thrilled to have hosted such an incredible event that showcased the essence of true empowerment and collaboration,” said Seyi Amao, the visionary behind the event. “The Barbie Movie Watch Party was a celebration of all things fabulous and glamorous, and it was truly heartwarming to see the support and enthusiasm from everyone in attendance.”

As the night came to an end, guests left with hearts full of inspiration and excitement. The event served as a reminder that when women come together and uplift one another, incredible things can happen.

To continue the celebration of true empowerment and collaboration, we invite everyone to explore the “Heart on the Mend” collection. Each piece tells a story of resilience and healing, reminding us all of the strength that lies within. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of this remarkable collection.