Bias In African Fashion (BAF) is looking to drive conversation around inclusivity in African fashion by identifying and asking how we can address areas of prejudice and bias in the industry.

Their new “Permute” series engages fashion industry players globally and in Africa in conversation to understand how Africa can build a strong and inclusive fashion sector.

Watch the first episode with Ngozi Okaro, executive director of Custom Collaborative, a New York-based organization that gives women from immigrant communities the skills and resources they need to enter the fashion sector. Since its start in 2015, the organization has been able to establish a partnership in the fashion industry with companies such as Gucci, Eileen Fisher, and Mara Hoffman, to name a few and graduating 8 cohorts from its program to enter the fashion industry in NYC.

Connect with BAF on Instagram @BiasInAfricanFashion or on Twitter @BiasAfricanFshn

Watch the full video below: