Run out of activities to indulge in while self-quarantining? We got you. Apart from rewatching episodes of Skinny Girl In Transit or reminiscing about all the fun we had outside before the pandemic, there are still some fun and productive things you can do while working from home.

Media IT girl Ayanda Thabethe has been inspiring us with her lockdown content and she finally shared some things she’s doing this period to avoid being stuck on autopilot.

Check them out below

  • Really read that book
  • Look at the goals you’ve set, think about whether or not that is still what you want for the year, readjust them if need be (you’re allowed to change your mind)
  • Take time to tell God what you would like the rest of the year to look like through prayer – set a time each day to pray and read the word

  • Listen to inspiring messages like YouTube sermons or podcasts that will set you up mentally for when lockdown is over (you’ve watched enough movies)
  • Write that proposal! Or research the feasibility of that idea
  • Follow a fitness trainer and start training so that you are fit by the time you really hit the gym

  • Love on yourself. If you feel tired, rest. If you’ve been wanting to do all those home remedies to sort out your skin or hair – try them
  • Clean out your closet, give away what you don’t need to the poor
  • Start teaching yourself the habit of drinking water. Fill a jug each day and aim to finish it by the end of the day
  • Examine what is currently not allowing you to be indispensable in your career and write down how you’re going to work at being the best at what you do