It’s that time of the year again, the biggest red carpet event in African Entertainment is happening tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2018 is upon us!

Over the years, the ladies have always stolen the show on the red carpet, but this year promises to be different, with the creme de la creme of African Men’s fashion taking their red carpet game a notch higher. This post is a style inspiration for the men that will be gracing the red carpet tomorrow and it features styling the timeless tuxedo.

Many red carpets have the gentlemen clad simply in a black tuxedo, but there’s nothing wrong in bringing a little bit of life and personal style into your tuxedo. This look, for example, is certainly a red carpet approved because it is far from a regular tuxedo, tailored with impeccable fabric and luxury velvet detailing.

Any man worth his sartorial salt knows that the secret to true style lies within the finer details of his outfit. It’s not enough to wear a tuxedo, styling it is also of utmost importance, and this is also an avenue to stand out from the ever so stylish crowd.

From the metallic bow tie in gold to the watch and bracelet, let your accessories be intentional, and the perfect pair of shoes is also very essential to a complete look.

It is true that a tuxedo is the party season staple for the sartorially minded gentleman, but I’d also like to see our men take risks, infuse a bit of African into their outfits, and basically freely express their personal style.

I am very excited about this red carpet event of the year, and I hope that the men match my excitement with their creative and stunning outfits!

Words: @akinfaminu 
Bow Tie: 
Tuxedo: @Obedclothiers
Shoes: @infamous_glennjudo
Photography: @sope_works

Akin Faminu is a Men’s Style Blogger and Fashion Content Creator. He’s also a doctor. He describes his personal style as dapper and intricately detailed. His works have been featured on the likes of CNN Style, Vogue Italia, Culture Trip among others. He’s a believer in an expression of personal style in all its versatility.