Amanda du-Pont launched her YouTube channel, where she shows the behind-the-scenes parts of her fabulous life a while ago. Naturally, we stay glued to the channel ready to let you guys know when there is something extraaa fabulous on her vlog (let’s face it, every upload is a hit back to back). She popped by Paris on a quick trip a few weeks ago, and she captured every salient moment of the trip – as you do.

The  South African star said of her trip:

I had never been before so I made sure to fit in some sight seeing. ? I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. It’s been on my bucket list for a while because of my heritage. I wanted to see and feel where my grandfather came from. This is my first trip to France, and it feels so good to take in these surroundings, converse with the people, taste the food and observe their culture. Now I feel a little bit closer to my surname du-Pont lol!

Check out the video below!