Faith Florence Obot, the talented fashion designer and creative director behind K3D Couture who is known for her innovative adoption of unique colours to design is launching her anticipated ZALZA Collection mirroring Green-coloured outfits with bold and captivating aesthetics.

From the moment lights dimmed and the runway came alive, it was evident that the ZALZA Collection was set to be a remarkable fashion spectacle showcasing confidence, self-expression, happiness and peace as the Green colour represents. Green is the colour of nature, it brings palpable peace and freshness to the collection.

To clearly understand the ZALZA Collection, it is important to get to know the colour green psychologically. According to Faith,

Green is the colour of spring, regrowth, and hope. The calmest colour among other colours is green, it is believed to have the power to reduce stress… so the creative inspiration behind the ZALZA Collection is to walk fashion lovers through the reality of challenging Nigeria while still looking good.

In addition, the green colour may lower blood pressure, it is useful for the control of insomnia and is believed to have the potency to soothe people’s nerves.

The ZALZA Collection featured a rich tapestry of green colours, patterns, and textures expertly combined to create visually stunning ensembles. Faith’s masterful use of unconventional green fabrics with rare embellishments that added an element of surprise and intrigue to each garment is impressive.

As an advocate for sustainability, Faith prioritises eco-friendly practices in her design process. The ZALZA Collection features ethically sourced materials and responsible production methods aligning with Faith’s commitment to creating designs that are stunning and environmentally conscious.

With an unwavering commitment to uniqueness, creativity, quality and environmental friendliness. Faith Florence Obot aspires to capture the hearts of fashion-conscious individuals not just in Nigeria but the continent of Africa and the world at large.

Her choice of green colour choice for the ZALZA Collection is a reflection of her psychological affinity to a symbol of endurance and steadfastness.