From dapper to street-style, fashion blogger and influencer Akin Faminu has nailed the art of dressing up and nailing it every time, consistently proving his versatility. Partnering with Pedigree Project, Akin Faminu decides to experiment with casual fashion how to breathe smart casual life into simple Tee Shirts to take your simplest of looks to an up to the minute level of style.

Black Tee X Green Blazer & Green Pants

Pairing a black tee from Pedigree Project with green suit shimmery pants and wearing the blazer jacket on his shoulders, Akin shows us exactly how to nail smart-casual without doing too much or too little but rather finding a balance.

Black Tee X Ankara Pants

Why stop there? Akin Faminu then pairs the black tee with Ankara pants, vintage glasses, a neckpiece, a hand chain and a pair of black loafers. Smart casual nailed!

Blac Tee X All Black Look

To round it up, Akin then wears a graphic black tee with a black blazer, black pants, and black loafers. All black looks are classic and this is no different.

Tees – @pedigreeproject
Photography – @oak_c
Green Suit – @jreason_