The second part of the most prominent African fashion event in Europe, Africa Fashion Week London, will feature more sustainable practices and heritage textile use from our African designers. From innovative ways of manipulating fabrics to modern silhouettes and, of course, superior African styling, these are the designers showcasing in the second part of the highly anticipated showcase.

Mumini Fashion

Since 1961, Mumini Fashion has been a household name in Sierra Leone. The brand collects Sierra Leonean heritage textiles like Gara, Ronko, Jaypee and Country Cloth to pay homage and give a facelift to the African fashion industry. Its mission is to elevate textile artisans in economically marginalised communities to world-renowned status.

The brand is known for its favourite traditional Agbada and Danshiki sewn with Aku Lappa and Ronko. These textiles are centuries-old and are traditionally woven on a drop spindle, using locally sourced raw cotton and ink from tree bark. These outfits were the traditional garb of paramount chiefs worn by mainly the Aku, Limba and Creoles of Sierra Leone and the Yoruba of Nigeria.

Many of the brand’s designs are influenced by the geometrical thinking and creations of the Aku, Madingo and Fullah weavers. The aim is to elevate the craft to a place where innovation and skill are perfect. Mumini also explores new forms of craftsmanship to make couture a source of innovation. They go back to forgotten craftsmanship and the love for handwork as they embed new technologies whilst seeking collaborations with artists and architects. 

The brand intentionally stretches the edges of the medium; some partnerships are like extensions of their atelier, taking them out of their realms of knowledge and experience and creating collective intelligence and innovation.

Sole Inspiration

Gill Quarcoopome established Sole Inspiration Ltd in 1999 in Accra to continue her work with leather that had begun in the UK many years before. Sole Inspiration produces a distinctive, fashionable yet timeless range of accessories, including bags, belts, neckpieces, jewellery, and interior design pieces. 

They use high-quality vegetable-tanned cowhide combined with colourful softer skins and tie-dyed leathers from Burkina Faso. For decoration and fastenings, the brand selects from the vibrant choice of recycled Ghanaian glass, brass and cow horn beads, intricate rings and fittings. Sole Inspiration experiments with the best skins and discarded offcuts. The traditional leatherworking skills of hand cutting, stitching, dyeing and finishing in creating the signature, custom-made pieces seen in their collection.


Rufina Designs is an African-inspired fashion and accessories and home decor brand that produces a range of statement-making and eco-friendly products. The brand aims to bring a piece of creativity and sustainability from Africa to every home. 

Their online store offers a range of clothing, shoes and accessories inspired by traditional African styles fused with contemporary western trends. Print dresses, maxi skirts, shoes and accessories are all featured with this multi-dimensional designer.


An advocate in the 3 “Rs” – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – this independent confessed knitting addict and brand Knits&Bobs.KLR creates limited-run, unique and genderless pieces using natural and recycled fibres. 

After being taught by her grandmother and dabbling with knitting throughout childhood, Kireen fell in love with the fantastic art and knits pretty much everywhere she goes – on the street, in parks, on doorsteps! We call it guerilla knitting. She is an advocate of the slow fashion movement to create affordable handmade fashion accessories, using sustainable materials from suppliers that align with the fairer treatment of workers who are integral to its production.  

Each piece is a unique hand-knitted item crafted using her patterns and made using the finest quality natural fibres, like merino and alpaca wool, as well as cotton, hemp and bamboo.

Aquarius B

Aquarius B is a fashion brand inspired by vibrant African textile patterns and prints. They offer high-quality exclusive products ethically sourced and produced in Ghana & London. All products are 100% handcrafted with pride by individual Artisans.

As part of their effort to give back, they currently use a portion of their sales to sponsor one child in Ghana and aim to sponsor more as the brand grows.