An underground city, a hot air balloon ride and tasting some of the best wine in Turkey, Boss Babe and all-around BellaStylista Afua Osei kicked off 2019 with a magical trip to Cappadocia!

As usual, through-out her trip, we were glued to her Instagram page and instastories for every colourful new post followed by well-crafted captions.

Here, we have put together for your viewing pleasure her Instagram diary of her time in Turkey!

This year I wanted to spend just one month without getting on a plane and January was supposed to be that month for me. But while I was sitting in my office, with no lights, just sweating in place, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t fall asleep in all my MBA accounting classes to be suffering like this.
So when @turkishairlines offered me a chance for a cool breeze weekend in partnership with @theabujatimes, I knew it was an answer to a prayer that I still had on my to do list.
Please excuse me while I go and enjoy some consistent air circulation real quick. Me and my fresh air will be on InstaStories with the full recap.

Today I went out and explored a bit. I was a giant in an underground city, battled an evil eye and gave all my money to a rooster.

It’s Day 3 in Cappadocia, Turkey and I hopped inside a hot air balloon at 7am this morning. Like literally hopped cause they had a children’s sized ladder and I’m a fully sized woman.

This region is famous for the daily hot air balloons which give you the opportunity to see all of the wonderful historical sites and ancient valleys over sunrise. There’s also a champagne toast at the end of the ride so I feel like it was designed for people of my hue ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️.

I’m just out here getting into this Turkish culture. Magic carpets. Genies in bottles. Wines from B.C. Unlimited apple tea. Y’all might have to start calling me Azra Osei.

By now I’m practically a food and drink expert the way I’m able to sniff out what door the appetizers are coming out from at events and how to bully the bartenders into using a heavy hand with them drinks. Therefore I had to use my expertise to test out some local wines in Cappadocia.

Photo Credit@helloafua